Head Coach ( Silver Level) - Drew Millar

As an educational facilitator of young people I see myself in a privileged position to see changes in young people's lives … to know that I have played a small part in this is a phenomenal feeling.

Swimming is in my opinion is the greatest sport in the world. However, swimming to me is much more than a sport., swimming is a tool which can teach many invaluable skills for young people to utilise throughout their adult life.

Setting personal goals, showing the desire, the commitment and the self discipline to turn up to training time and time again in an effort to achieve one's goals are learned skills and qualities.

Competition in swimming brings with it individual successes and failures, thus providing each and every swimmer with opportunities to prepare for life's future experiences.

As a swimming coach my aim is to develop each and every swimmer to become the best swimmer that they can be but more importantly “ I aim to develop each swimmer to become the best person that they can be.”